Computer Science (Informatyka)


  1. Creating webpages in HTML
  2. Basics of programming in Perl
  3. Creating Common Getaway Interface (CGI) in Perl
  4. Server installation and configuration on a PC
  5. Impress


  • Preject: Creating a homepage with a built-in CGI program.
  • Creating and presenting an OO presentation with graphics.

Class materials

  1. HTML and websites creation
  2. Impress
    • The triadic Content-Structure-Rendering (CSR) sign model
    • Introduction to formatting slide presentations
    • Inserting:
      1. Hiperlinks
      2. Spreadsheets
      3. Sounds
      4. Movies
    • Adding animation
    • Setting slide transition
    • Homework - Read:
      1. Gibbon, D. 2004. "What a Linguist Needs to Know about Word Processing"
      2. Gibbon, D. 2007. "Stylesheet for Term Papers and Theses": PDF, OTT
  3. Perl Programming: Introduction to programming: Algorithms and the Perl language
  4. Perl Programming: Basic I/O; Numbers
  5. Perl Programming: Arrays
  6. Perl Programming: Control structures
  7. The Apache HTTP Server: download, installation and configuration
  8. CGI Programming: Form and its elements